This page is dedicated to tutorials for creating your own movie props.

Prop Tutorials created by
Black Hole Sentry Blaster
Star Wars Gonk Droid
VibroAxe Pipe Assembly
Blade Mac 11 Machine gun
Han Solo ESB Blaster

Prop Tutorials Created by Amazing and Talented Artists

Description and CreatorLink
Hardware Plo Koon Saber - By JediFather
Build a Darth vader ROTJ Lightsaber - By Obi1kenny
Darth Maul Hardware Lightsaber Emmiters
Ralph McQuarrie Concept Luke Saber

Weapon Props
Description and CreatorLink
Build A Paper M41-A Pulse Rifle - By Jan Rükr
MG-34 made from PVC and Wood - By Empire Props
VibroAxe Blade Greeblie - By Macklin
Build a Biker Scout Pistol - By kimncris
Spartan Hoplite Sword by BlindSquirrel
Build a Biker Scout Blaster - By TB312's Endor Base
Building an inexpensive Stormtrooper Blaster - By Jack Doud
The creation of the E-11 Blaster Rifle - By Dromund Kaas Sith Temple
Modify A Kenner Blaster - By Evanthx
Build A Force Pike - by Wan-Obi Jedi
Ep1 Battle Droid toy blaster conversion - By Hollywood Hardware
PVC Blaster Builders Club
Inserting Electronics into a Cricket Phaser - By Stapleton13
Build a Predator Minigun - By RoboMatt
Riddicks Swingblades - By Boba Debt
Building a M41-A Pulse Rifle - By Rook
Build a Metal Stormtrooper Blaster - By StudioCreations
Build a Boba Fett Sonic beam Weapon - By Brak's Buddy

Character Props
Description and CreatorLink
Build your Own Jawa
Build an Interrogator Droid - By StudioCreations

Description and CreatorLink
Armor Building - By Amethyst
How to make a Solo Blaster belt and Holster - By Bubba's Barnyard
How to make a cardboard costume helmet - By Instructables
How to make an Iron Man Arc Reactor - By msraynsford
Han Solo Costume Tips - By Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy
X-Wing Pilot Data Cylinders - By Jay Pennington
Build a Biker Scout Costume - By StudioCreations
Build an Endor Rebel Soldier Costume - By StudioCreations
Build an Evil Ash costume - By StudioCreations
Build a Rebel Fleet Trooper Costume - By StudioCreations
Build a Snowtrooper Costume - By StudioCreations
Build a Stormtrooper Costume - By StudioCreations
Build a Tusken Raider Costume - By StudioCreations
Build a Boba Fett ROTJ Cape - By Brak's Buddy

Misc Props
Description and CreatorLink
Build Imperial Binders - By Jack Doud
Build a custom Saber Stand - By Quest100
The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows - By Michael Haspil
Bookbinding - By Douglas W. Jones
Sauron's Finger - By Kylash_327
Build a Star Wars Training Remote - By Frank Cerne
Build a PADD from Enterprise - By Matt Munson
Build a PADD from Star Trek - By Matt Munson
Folding The Mummy map correctly - By LZeitgeist
Build a BTTF Time Machine Delorean - By Rook
Building a Vacuumform table - By StudioCreations

Description and CreatorLink
Painting Resin kits - By Harlock
Removing Paint FAQ - By Gremlins in the Garage
Building and Painting a Jedi Training Remote - By Frank Cerney
Learn to Airbrush - by Howtoairbrush.com
Creating a realistic wood grain - by TK-8034
Painting a Resin Pulse Rifle Kit - By Spatcave

Construction Tutorials
Description and CreatorLink
Preparing A Denix Mauser - By Boba Debt
Molding And Casting - By Dan Perez Studios
Fitting real mauser grips to a Denix - By Wakal
Molding and Casting - By Hirst Arts
Create a good, cheap Vacuum Former - www.instructables.com
Create a vacuum Former - www.instructables.com
Scratch Building Tutorial- By Matt Munson
Build a Rotocasting Machine - By Solsylva.com