Vibroaxe pipe assembly

Since this part is unknown, I had to make one from found parts.

I bought all of the parts from Home Depot and Wal-mart. Total construction time was about 1 hour or so (not counting painting). Use this tutorial at your own risk. Wear safety equipment and use caution when using tools. Also, use the best tool for the job. In my tutorial, I mention using a Gluegun. If you have something that works better, use it. These are only suggestions to getting the job done. If you have any comments, questions or need help, just e-mail me HERE

Tools Needed:

Metal files
Hot glue gun
Pipe Cutter
Grey primer paint
Eye protection!! (Very important)
Good Imagination

Materials needed:

(2) Crossman CO2 cannisters

Wal-mart. Pack of 5 was $3.00

(1) 1"to 1/2" copper pipe reducer

Home Depot - $1.25

4" length of 1/2" copper pipe

Home Depot

(1) 3/4" insulated bushing

Home Depot - $1.00

Reference Pics:

Click HERE for the reference pics I used to create mine.


I put the CO2 cannisters in my vice, put on leather workgloves and my face shield and broke the seal on the cannisters with the centerpunch and hammer.

I used the drill to make the holes in the cannister tips large enough for the grounding wire to slide into.

Used the pipe cutter to cut off the rounded ends of the cannisters. One is right near the top, the other is a bit more into the center.

Used the pipe cutter to cut about 3.5" of 3/4" pipe

Used the pipe cutter to cut the larger 1" portion of the reducer in half. The piece is too long, so I had to shorten it.

Used the dremel with the sanding drum to remove the small stops that are inside the reducers. These are made to stop the pipe from sliding through reducer. We want it to slide through.

Used the sanding wheel again on the cannisters. The pipe cutter makes a groove in the pipe when it cuts, so you need to smooth out the inner edge of the cannisters. Once you do that, the 3/4" pipe will slide into them

Hot glue the 4" section of pipe into the larger (top) cannister.

Slide the reducer on next

Hot glue into the area inside the reducer and then slide the other cannister into the reducer.

Hot glue the insulated bushing onto the reducer/lower cannister.

Paint the whole thing with grey primer.

There you have it, your very Vibroaxe pipe assembly!