Luke Skywalker - ANH Luke ANH saber
Luke Skywalker - ESB Luke ESB saber
Luke Skywalker - The Holiday Special

This saber was used for the ever-popular Holiday Special. It's as cool as it is ugly. A Graflite 3-cell was used for the base.
Luke Holiday Special saber
Obi-wan Kenobi - ANH

Made from all metal replica parts with a real graflex clamp and an Armitage Shanks pommel.
Obiwan Kenobi ANH saber
Darth Vader - ROTJ

Resin and metal parts added onto an aluminum tube.
Yoda - Ep1

My Yoda saber from the Episode I Visual Dictionary. I used a Bolsey flash, an resin activator switch, custom grips I made from rubber and a metal machined emmiter.
Yoda Ep1 Saber
Luke Skywalker - ROTJ

This is a resin cast from an original.
Luke ROTJ Saber
Youngling Saber - Ep2

My custom made youngling saber from the Episode 2 Visual Dictionary. I made a master using the same parts as used in the original, then cast it in resin and painted.
Youngling Saber
Mace Windu Saber

Solid resin casting, hand painted.
Mace Windu Saber
Stormtrooper Concept Saber

This is my Stormtrooper Concept Saber. I heard that Lucas initially wanted stormtroopers to carry these, so it got me thinking. I used the commlink as a guide. I built this with PVC, rubber o-rings, pipe fittings, A button from Radio Shack and a d-ring.
Custom Saber #1

This is a Heiland body with a Graflex slave for an emmiter. As a RPF board member noted, it is now called a "Heilex".
Custom Saber #2

This is made from a flashgun, a graflex style clamp and assorted parts
Custom Saber #3

This is made from a flashgun and assorted parts
Custom Saber #4

This is called the "Blade Saber". The body was made from a Airsoft Mac-11 silencer. The main emmiter part is a resin casting of an actual used sword hilt in the movie "Blade". The part was cut down and affixed to the silencer. Assorted parts and a leather wrap were also added
Custom Saber #5

This is my Dark Saber. I used a Minicam flash tube as a base, then added the extra parts. I used a bike grip, circuit boards, film canister, TI calculator bubble, pipe, o-rings, computer parts and more. One of my favorites customs so far
Custom Saber #6

One of the first flash gun sabers I made. An "Abbey" Flash Gun as a base, mouse pad grips, circuit boards, computer parts, etc.
Custom Saber #7

This was the second flash gun saber I made. I modeled it after Vaders saber. I use a "Peak" flash gun, rubber grips from Blast-Tech and created a shroud out of sheet metal.
Custom Saber #8

I built this from a "Walz" flash gun.
Custom Saber #9

This is a complete hardware saber. I modeled it after Obi-Wan's ANH saber using a tutorial I found created by "Tristan". Chrome tube, sink faucet, mouse pad, pipe, washers, etc. A lot of work and this sucker is HEAVY. This was the first saber I created when I started this hobby.
Custom Saber #10

This was a gift for my birthday from my brother. He built it in his machine shop. This thing has some real heft to it. Its about 10 lbs.
Custom Saber #11

This is my version of a "Gothic" style saber. I used a black Graflite 3-cell for a base.
Custom Saber #12

This is my junk yard saber. I built this with spare parts from my work bench. An unmarked flash battery holder, floppy drive parts for an emmiter, a button from Radio Shack and the mousepad double grips.

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