"The Mummy" Map folding Directions - By LZeitgeist

Mummy Map
Folded Mummy Map

1. Place the Map flat on a table, positioning it horizontally with the 'vulture' at the top left and the cornermost block of Egyptian writing at the top right.

2. Fold in half, bringing the right edge to the left edge.

3. Fold in half again, right to left.

4. Fold in half once more, right to left.

5. Pick up the Map, keeping it facing you the same way as it was on the table (don't rotate it or flip it). Fold in half, top to bottom, pushing the top half away from you.

6. Fold the top third down, pushing it away from you.

7. Fold bottom edge up, bringing it toward you, making it meet the fold made in the previous step.

8. The part that is facing you right now, with the edges of the papyrus visible, is what is exposed when the 'petals' on the Key are opened.

9. When the Key is opened, rotate it so the exposed edges are pointed toward you. When you grasp the topmost visible edge and lift the Map from
the Key, you will notice it appears exactly as it does when Evie first removes it from the Key... you will also notice that, when the exposed vertical edges are grasped and separated to the left and right, the Map unfolds, right side up, facing you, just as in the immediately following scene. You will also notice that the sharper, vertical creases and the softer horizontal folds lie exactly where they are supposed to.

There you have it.  One folded map.  Good luck!