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Ali - Passes, posters, etc
Blade Runner - Weapons Permit
Bowfinger - Business Card
Fight Club - Tyler's Business Card / Marla's Phone Number / FMC Business cards / Rules / Jack's License
Fugitive (Movie) - Wanted Poster
Fugitive (TV Show) - Wanted Poster
Ghostbusters - Invoice
Grosse Pointe Blank - Reunion Ticket
Hellraiser - Paper Lament Box Pattern
Hellraiser II "Hellbound" - Cpt Spencer (pinhead) photo
Hellraiser IV "Bloodline" - Elysium Plans
Indiana Jones - Hamilton College ID card / Museum Ticket / Lecture Ticket
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Fan made Zeppelin Ticket (with fonts)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Club Obi Wan clubbill
Jackie Brown - Cherry business card
Jerry Maquire - Pressbox pass
Jingle All The Way - Turboman certificate
Jurrasic Park - Vehicle Pass
Last Action Hero - Magic Ticket
Lost World (Novel) - "Lost World" paper props
Majestic - Movie Poster
Men In Black - Edgar's Hunting photo

Office Space - TPS Reports
Pleasantville - Fire Dept. Decal
Proof Of Life - Ransom Money
Pulp Fiction - Red Apple pack
Rockeeter - Bulldog Cafe check / Airshow flyer
Shining - Postcard (with Jack)
Simpsons (TV) - Lisa's valentines day card
Sixth Day - Family Photo
Spiderman - Daily Bugle Press badge / Peter Parker Press badge
Street Fighter - Currency
The Natural - Hobbs Trading Card
Titanic - Rose's Sketch / Rose's Letter / 1st Class Ticket / 1st Class Menu / telegraph Sheet
Total Recall - Business card / Mars Money (front) / Mars Money (back)
Twelve Monkeys - Wanted Poster / Wristband
Twin Peaks - Police patches, Bob's Sketch, etc
Vanished - Missing Flyer (Sandra Bullock)
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Wonka Bar Wrapper / Wonka Gold Ticket
X-Files - FBI ID badges, etc / UFO Poster / Morley Cigarette Box